Questions You've Asked About Our Move


Are you closing for good?

No!! We are moving fully to our warehouse! It's literally 5 minutes outside of Downtown! We are so excited for this move; you're going to love our warehouse! 

When does the Liquidation SALE start?

Our Liquidation sale begins Saturday morning at 8am (online) and 11am (in store)! So don't worry about having to make it in bright and early on Saturday morning. However, I would definitely start filling up those carts, because once Saturday morning at 8am hits, the entire website will be up to 70% OFF!

When is your last day at your actual store in DoCo? 

We will close our doors one final time on Friday, June 30th. I don't want to give a time, because, you know, anything can happen!

What are your in store hours during your final days at DoCo?

We are going to be open 11am-7pm every day until our last day June 30!

Can you give me more details on the Liquidation SALE?

Definitely! Everything on the website (online) will be 'price as marked' at checkout. Discounts will be up to 70% off. However, we will not have time to physically tag all the new prices on each individual item in store. If you want to know the exact price of something, you can use your phone to scan the QR Code on the tag and you can see what the new, discounted price is! 
All sales will be final, and there will be no try ons, returns, or exchanges permitted after purchase. 


Where is the Warehouse located? 

The Warehouse is just a hop, skip and a jump from downtown! Once we get settled in and ready for our amazing guests, we will share that info. For now we will be offering private shopping appointments on a first come first shop basis. 

Can I just drop in whenever to shop at the Warehouse?

We promise that we are going to make it as simple as possible to shop all of our latest collections! As soon as we get past our moving liquidation sale, we will communicate how you can easily come and shop!

Private appointments sound amazing, but how much are they?

Private shopping appointments are FREE and super easy to make and we believe in no pressure shopping. We cannot wait for you to come and check out our latest selection at the warehouse and it's literally NBD if you don't find anything you love!

Can I bring a friend to shop at the Warehouse?

Of course you can bring a friend, bring 2,3,10, as many as you'd like. but we ask that you give us a heads up so we know how much champagne to have on deck! :) 

What if I need to do an exchange or would like to pick up my online order at the Warehouse? 

That's no problem at all. We'll definitely be sure to post the hours we'll be at the Warehouse and you can always call us or send us a DM on Instagram! 

If you have ANY other questions, PLEASE - send us a DM on Instagram, an email at or a message on our website chat feature!! We'll see you guys soon!

With so much LOVE and gratitude - 

The Identity Team